Desk Potato


The Dwarf Fortress 10,000 Year Project is all about generating worlds with a long and detailed history.

WorldLast UpdateAgeYearStatus
Lusmzasmaksmo, The Destined Land18 Oct 2018The Age of Legends7,013Recounting Legends...
Zûza Ebno, The Domain of Tempests15 Oct 2018The Age of Roc and Hill Titan10,000Complete
Omon En, The Realm of Legends15 Oct 2018The Age of Eriya the Cloudy Strap10,000Complete
Snûnsmata, The Oracular Realms15 Oct 2018The Age of Myth1,050Complete
Onra Thran, The World of Dawn27 Apr 2017The Age of Myth5,831Crashed?
Minbazthur, The Enchanted Universe24 Apr 2017The Age of Myth494Crashed?
Bokzuza, The Absolute Domain23 Apr 2017The Age of Dragon and Forest Titan10,000Lost
Ernir, The Infinite Land23 Apr 2017The Age of Roc and Mountain Titan10,000Lost
Ramul Ledir, The Plane of Oracles16 Apr 2017The Third Age of Legends5,950Crashed?