Desk Potato


Lusmzasmaksmo, The Destined Land

Advanced world generator, small region with the end year tweaked to 10,000 and the stoppage criteria tweaked so it doesn't stop before 10,000.

This world took over a week to generate and required over 7GiB of RAM! Unfortunately it appears to be too big for the Legends Browser to load, however it does load (albeit slowly) in Dwarf Fortress itself. Playing the world is practically impossible though, saves take forever and the game is prone to crashing.

I found an artifact with a whole heck of a lot of history:

Asnamomus, "Tongueshore"

Tongueshore was a legendary iron amulet.

This is a iron amulet. All craftsmanship is of the highest quality. It is decorated with ostrich bone and encircled with bands of giant olm bone and troll ivory.

On the item is an image of Utes Balancecruel the Unthinkable Pulley of Mining the goblin and goblins in helmet snake bone. Utes Balancecruel the Unthinkable Pulley of Mining is surrounded by the goblins. The artwork relates to the ascension of the goblin Utes Balancecruel the Unthinkable Pulley of Mining to the position of lord of The Dreamy Vice in the midwinter of 3.

Utes was a goblin in Stolensmears, and forced his way to the lordship of The Dreamy Vice with threats of violence. He went on to murder five dwarves and two goblins, before he was eaten by the giant leopard Admiredgrotto the True Assaults in 231.

Stolensmears was a Dark Fortress, created when the chinchilla devil En Acenewt the Banners of Leading thrust a spire of slade up from the underworld, naming it The High Palace and establishing a gateway between worlds for where she rules over her goblin civilization, The Hairy Cruelty. En is a huge noseless chinchilla twisted into humanoid form, her body undulates rhythmically and secretes noxious gases. She is associated with thralldom, and is known to have personally killed at least 144 people throughout history.

Download the region file (save).

Download the legends export (preprocessed).

Download the whole Linux LNP game folder (for compatibility).